About EEOS Security

Eagle Eye One Traffic Solutions was envisioned as a video traffic solution to ease the workload of Law Enforcement groups to allow them to focus on the more important aspects of law enforcement.  After two years of research and development, we tested numerous cameras and other equipment to find the best max and integrated our findings into our ALPR (automatic licence plate reader) technology.

Our ALPR solution includes a Vehicle surveillance platform that can be deployed in any community. Our system provides reliable vehicle surveillance while supporting tickets with electronic proof of an infractions.

Using our proven model covers the costs associated with this service and generates revenue. Combined with our red light, speed detection, and integrated red/speed cameras, you can enforce traffic laws while creating safer roads. It also frees up law enforcement personnel, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on other matters concerning the community.

Our Vision

Deliver the best technology to valued clients at an extremely competitive price.

Our Mission

Provide customers and business partners with unparalleled security, access control, and reliability.

Our Goals

Protection – only authorize access to users who are positively identified. We ensure that there is no data available for potential loss or theft.

Privacy – we offer different levels of security based on each client’s needs.

Flexibility – our solutions operate over a mix of network and system infrastructures, enabling seamless integration into existing systems.